User survey


      EngineerAid is currently contacting our regular users to help us in the development of a new collaborative question and answer web-service for international NGOs. The project is to be called "KnowledgePoint" and has been initiated by the following organisations: Akvo, EngineerAid, Oxfam, Practical Action, RedR, WaterAid, CTA Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, DEWPoint, Environment Agency (UK), Global WASH Cluster, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, WEDC, WASTE, WSSCC.

The aim of the KnowledgePoint project is to develop and promote a collaborative service for the response to technical enquiries from a wide range of humanitarian & international development actors. It is hoped that as technical support service providers begin work together, track trends and plan together, the quality of services across the sector will improve dramatically. The difference between Knowledge point and EngineerAid's existing service is that KnowledgePoint will be jointly owned and managed by many all of the organisations involved and will become a key tool allowing collaboration and coordination of their traditionally individual efforts.

EngineerAid has been asked to take a leading role in the development of this new service, building on the experience of delivering it's own unique technical enquiry service website. This is why we need the help of regular contributors to the EngineerAid service. We will be gathering information about the needs of type people we want to use the new KnowledgePoint service.

Some of the users will be contacted by email so please look out for this in your mailboxes. A selected number will be contacted by phone for an optional short 10 question survey and we would greatly appreciate it if you could spend the time to answer some or all of them for us. We also welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Best regards,
-EngineerAid Team

29th Jul 2010