Cycling for Shirati from Biggar to Little

      A group of friends are cycling from Biggar in Lanarkshire to Little and Galway in April 2011!! Thatís 300 miles!!

We are cycling to raise funds for Shirati hospital in Northern Tanzania.

Shirati hospital, on the shores of Lake Victoria, is at the end of a fragile power grid and is often tripped "off" at night by thunderstorms. As a result, emergency night-time operations are sometimes undertaken by torchlight, or even by the light of mobile phones. Presently, all hot water is heated using wood fuelled fires, and sterilization is also an issue. These are clearly exceptionally difficult working conditions for the highly dedicated surgeons who work there.

We aim to raise enough money to provide:

1. a solar electric system to provide a constant and uninterrupted source of power to the Operating Theatre.
2. simple low maintenance solar water heaters
3. a water purification system

Solar engineers from Edinburgh Napier University visited the hospital in 2008 and have now designed a suitable solar electric system.

Shirati Hospital Energy Project is established as a charity, under the wings of registered charity "EngineerAid". Read more about the project on the EngineerAid website.

We realize that there are many calls on your kindness, but hope that you can help us to help Shirati Hospital. You can donate via the website above or send a cheque made payable to "Shirati Hospital Energy Project", direct to Dr Tom Grassie, SEBE, Edinburgh Napier University, 10 Colinton Rd Edinburgh, EH10 5DT.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Tom on

Many thanks in advance. Every penny raised goes direct to Shirati.

Tom, Graham, Elise, Neil, Simon

30th Mar 2011