Engineer required for Living Earth Foundation \'gas to power\' project in Nigeria

EA admin

      Posting on behalf of the Living Earth Foundation (LEF):

Project Description
The ‘gas to power’ demonstration project will utilise gas from Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC’s) Ahia Flow Station, and through an appropriate technology, generate electricity for domestic and small business consumption. The project will deploy a IMW gas turbine to produce and distribute electricity to about 3,000 households, 500 small businesses and 5 health centres as well as 6 schools in Egbeda community in Rivers State, Nigeria. The project design has a strong community ownership element in-built: the entire assets and operations are to be managed and maintained by a community-based utility company that will be owned by the community. The siting of the project will be preceded by a technical feasibility and economic viability assessment since the project aims at full cost recovery. In addition to electricity generation, the project has scope for the incorporation of other components such as ‘gas to liquid’ and ‘gas to fertiliser’. These add-ons will operate on a fully commercial basis.

Living Earth, as a social and environmental development organisation does not have the technical expertise to apply an appropriate level of scrutiny to the commercial engineering consultants’ reports and recommendations. Although SPDC and others are providing some technical advice, this is intermittent and, sometimes, contradictory.

LEF is therefore seeking the services of an engineer with a suitable background and experience to advise on technical reports received to date and to review and advise on future design and engineering plans and on the gas turbine procurement process. Depending on need and interest, the scope of work could be extended into the construction phase.

23rd Dec 2012