The Annual Scrapyard Scramble

Scrapyard Scramble 2010 has yet to commence!

In the meantime, you can check out what happened in 2009 and before!

Scrapyard Scramble 2009

Photos and Videos

Special thanks to Those Media Guys for filming and video production!
Still photo Gallery
Special thanks to David Doleman from Engineers Without Borders Edinburgh Branch for the majority of photos above!

Teams and Prizes!

Overall Winner
PHS Engineering    Original and best!
A very light and simple comfortable design using a bicycle inner tube to avoid water wastage
Most Innovative
Watt Engineers    If Carlsburg did Engineers...
An ingenious bike pump pressurised water delivery system to an elegant spiral fountain flushing ring
Most Eco-Friendly
Yangtse River    Brown sugar in pieces
No flush at all (ignoring the design brief!)
Most Regal Flushing Experience
Muppet MacGyvers    If I had some duct tape, I could fix that.
The top fundraisers with a Heath-Robinson throne make from skip contents.
Most Gaffer Tape
Bathroom Doors    If I break it, it'll be broken!
An heroic late stage effort.
Most Efficient Water Use
Engineers Without Pamela    We need Pamela back!
Used a bicycle pump to deliver a highly efficient micro flush.
Eureka Prize (for using Archimedes principle)
James What?    
Used a weighted PET bottle to displace a controlled volume flush.

Design Brief

To design a transportable flushing toilet that can be easily reconstructed for use in a refugee camp.
The Full Design Brief can be downloaded here:

Scrapyard Scramble 2009 Design Brief:Download Scrapyard Scramble 2009 Design Brief

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